”This is a very powerfull performance, I come from India, during my time here in Dk I never had a connection with the environment like back in India. But watching this performance -especially your movements when you start to move out of the earth – gave a very strong image of going back to before you have all these social constructs, to before you were fixed in a structure of how you should walk, talk and behave … the performance generated a strong connection with nature and the environment: the image of the tree with the roots is a very strong image, that speaks of what it had withstood and of history … and the time you took to take on your dress was really powerfull and gave me goosebumps. Now I have been here for six months but the performance just takes me back to India, I am overwhelmed”

” man kan gå nemt gennem livet og man kan gå tungt gennem livet, denne performance reflekterer begge dele – det er min historie”

  ”it was a very peacefull experience”

  ” I like, that you take it out in nature: The state of peace, we can find, when we connect to nature, is also part of us – a inner state of peace”

    ”der er en fin balance mellem film og liveperformance”

Comments from live audience /kommentarer fra publikum